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An alluring pop/folk duo - think One Republic meets Fleetwood Mac. Organic harmonies paired with electro-pop instrumentation gives way to timeless anthemic melodies. Korbee’s sound takes listeners on a journey that captivates, invigorates and inspires.

 Comprised of Tom Korbee & Jenn Korbee, Korbee came together in 2013 after writing as the trio Korbee Jones with Daniel Jones of Savage Garden. They released their first EP Great Escape” in 2014 which debuted to millions of streams.

Korbee recently teamed with Grammy-Award Winning Producer David Garcia and Executive Producer Mark Endert (Rihanna, Maroon 5, Sara Bareilles) on their latest single ‘Hey Child.’ The anthem found itself on an elite YouTube tour as it soundtracked and inspired adventure videos from some of the world’s top creators (DevinSuperTramp, LaurDIY, RayaWasHere, HelloKaty and more), amassing a collective of over 15M subscribers and generating millions of video views.

Korbee will release an acoustic version of ‘Hey Child’ on December 9th.

They are currently in the studio working on their debut album and will head out on tour in 2017. Dates to be announced soon.

Korbee has toured nationwide including National Anthem performances for the the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers to crowds of 80,000+. They pride themselves on social good, partnering their music and talent with global philanthropic campaigns and foundations including The Donald Driver Foundation, The Harmony Project, The Special Olympics and The Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

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  • Korbee maintains over 200,000 Monthly Listeners on Spotify and has grown over 3M new streams in the last quarter.

  • New Single 'Hey Child' has been featured in videos across elite YouTube channels with a collective 50M+ subscribers. Through strategic partnerships with top YouTube Creators, Korbee has uniquely reached new audiences.

  • Korbee will resume their Stay Wild Tour this summer and fall in promotion of new singles and their upcoming EP.


Hey Child (Acoustic) Official Video



Ever get a song stuck in your head for weeks on end? If it’s a bad song, it can often seem like a nightmare. But if it’s a good song, it gives your day a bit of a positive boost. So, fair warning that after you listen to “Hey Child” by the pop band Korbee, it’ll be hard to shake. (And for the record, it falls into the latter category.)

“Hey Child” isn’t the first, and likely not the last, song that the band has experimented with. The original version, without surprise, debuted this summer. All in all, the band managed to put out two very different, yet very beautiful variants of the same tune."



“There are few pop acts as visceral and poetic as Korbee. Fusing together pulsating percussion and delicately placed vocals, the duo take an especially moving approach to their music. It is textured with pounding rhythms and a haunting core, and they own every single nuance and ache of the melody. Underneath it all, there is one truly powerful story about fighting everyday battles to find the hope to grow and flourish in the future. Working musicians know it best: the entertainment industry can be an especially soul-crushing world. Jenn and Tom pour their hearts out onto the paper, scrawled across a dusty field of moody pop, to not only change themselves but to change the world. They are blazing a compelling and promising path to superstardom.”



"Meet Korbee, the singing/ songwriting duo who are about to take the world by storm. They pack a punch by delivering heartfelt pop music that digs a little deeper than the everyday crap on the radio. Even more, they have some solid vocals. Like... these people can actually sing their asses off."



“They are like the Bonnie & Clyde of music. They won our Global Rumble, not once but twice."



“Listening to their music is like watching The (Good) Terminator walking out of the smoke of the explosion to save the world.  Korbee is here to save the world from music mediocrity. They are an amazing duo; kick-ass folk music.  Listen to them; they are your salvation. Maybe they have been sent from the future to save us from ourselves?!?!?!”


“There are songs that you hear and they make you think of specific films because they were in the soundtrack. And then there are songs that you hear and immediately think, "This needs to be in a movie ASAP." But some songs are different. They have a tone/mood/atmosphere that is so prescient that you can imagine them in a film that already exists. The L.A. folk-poppers, Korbee, have worked with Daniel Jones of Savage Garden in the past, and it shows in the way the band can blend massive hooks with theatrical emotionality.”



“Korbee is an indie/alt duo from Los Angeles. As you all know… it is very difficult to get featured on Daily Unsigned since I only feature Unsigned Artists that are uber amazing…. Korbee is now one of those artists. They deliver songs that are believable, lyrically sound and amazing.”


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“You know what’s awesome about Korbee? There are many things, but one that comes to mind immediately is the fact that I can hear every genre in the world (ok, well, maybe not polka) influencing their music and yet it all comes together seamlessly.”



“Your version of 'No One is Alone' - Thank you for making it. Truly."



"LA-based duo Korbee has had its fair share of experience on one of the world’s most competitive music scenes –these two have learned what it takes to keep a passionate fan base glued. Anthemic pop folk, a mixture of One Republic and Fleetwood Mac – complete with a hunger to create vivid soundscapes that stick with you well after the music ends.”


New Single 'Hey Child' has been featured in videos across elite YouTube channels with a collective 15M+ subscribers. Through strategic partnerships with top YouTube Creators, Korbee's music has spread across the globe. Check out a few below.

DevinSuperTramp 4.2M Subscribers

RayaWasHere 120K Subscribers

LaurDIY 4.1M Subscribers